do guys like shy, sensitive girls?

Ive been told i have a lot going for me, sorry if this sounds like a lonely hearts column, but ive got the brains, the humour, creativity, im kind, i get a lot of compliments on my appearence, im petite, i have big eyes, thick lips, long hair, i wear classy girly clothes, im not a slob, i dont drink or smoke, im not desperate. But i very very very rarely get approached by men, i sometimes get the stares, the wolf whistles, a couple of chat up lines, by cocky guys, but that’s it, nothing more. And i get ignored completely by handsome gentlemanly guys. I am shy, and never approach men, so i assume that is why they are put off by me, is that right? Do i need to open up more? Should i stick to who i am and wait for a guy that understands me? You sound like the kind of girl every guy wants to meet.

how to chase a shy girl?

By Daily Mail Reporter. It was the first extensive interview Mayer has given since her much ballyhooed—and highly paid—position at the tech giant in July Playing coy? Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer sat for a lengthy interview in Vogue in which she insists she’s just a shy girl who loves to work. And investors are right there with her. Stock in the company, seen as a sort of has been in the tech world, has soared since she became its leader.

Mostly, by preventing guys from approaching and talking to these women in the first place! So, if you’re interested in learning all the signs that a shy girl likes you​.

Well, you both are sitting on your hands waiting for the other to make a move So, since you’re the one who posted the question, I’m choosing YOU to be the initiator in communication girls are generally better at conversation than boys anyway , ok? Stuff you can bring up as conversation – find out what some of his favorite things are music, games, food, movies etc.

Hopefully you two can manage at least of couple of convos that way But, remember, shy guys are very hesitant to talk like pulling teeth so you’ll have to assume that responsibility if you want to have a relationship with this guy. Growing up I was very shy and found it very difficult to talk to girls I liked. The end result was I had good friends but very few girlfriends.

Shy guy+Shy girl=Good Relationship?

Ok, I need help from the girls on this one. If you’re a guy, I don’t even want your advice. I finally have a girl that didn’t get turned away from the thought of me liking her. Although, she is really shy. And I myself am pretty shy.

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Because your personality is what makes you unique as a person. Don’t change for any guy. People have different preferences, and good looking guys aren’t always attracted to ‘go-get em” type girls who float up to them – I know I’m not. When I am at a formal club, I get approached by many girls, I often get annoyed by this, especially if they never stop talking. I’ll always approach the quiet girl and ask her to dance though, every time :]. I would take a shy girl any day.

Are guys attracted to shy girls?

I’m 18 and I’ve never had a boyfriend. I am really shy and it’s hard for me to try and flirt with a guy because I feel like no body would want to date me. Would you ever date a shy girl and all the insecurities that come with her? If you’re shy as in you are just quiet and want the guy to make the first move, but aren’t petrified to the point of non-movement, that’s fine. If you’re the person who doesn’t want to go anywhere or do anything because you say you are shy, then no way.

Dont worry the shyest one are the craziest ones.

i’m a very shy college student but theres this cute girl who works at my Once you’ve got the date you can break it to her that it was a lie to get her out on a date,​.

Making casual friends is easy, kenya. Almost everyone is glad to have a casual conversation. Talk about what you see. Go to the zoo, stand next to someone who is admiring an animal, and start talking about the animal. Go to the grocery, stop in the cereal aisle and start talking with whoever is there about cereal. Go to the library and ask the librarian for help finding information about a subject you like, such as cars or gardening.

why do they ignore SHY girls?

It all depends on the type of person the guy is. Some guys wouldnt ask a girl out if she is the shyer type because of the fear of rejection. But then sometimes you will get guys that are willing to put themselves out there if they are genuinely interested.

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Personally, I love shy girls. They aren’t so materialistic and don’t really cause much drama. The bonus to dating one is, if your like me, you can kind of break them out of their shell. You can get them to be more outgoing and become less shy.

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why do guys like shy girls?

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Shy girls are very cute as well as mysterious and that is what draws us in:] Dont be discouraged if you get answers like “Naw, I love outgoing.

I’m one of those boy-shy girls and most of the time it feels like no one notices me because of my shyness and because there’s the other girls that just totally flaunt themselves Well, I have so much more respect to girls that are shy and cute to those that are flirty and naughty. Because you have to keep in mind, most of us look at “signals” and just go from there.

But it’s hard to know if a girl is interested if she hardly talks to you or in your words, “shy”. I think the best way to overcome your shyness is just to go out there to a guy you really like and talk. You don’t have to bend down or go low, just talk.

Guys: Would you date a quiet, shy girl?

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i want to know will a guy date a pretty girl that has no friends. i want to know this b​/c i’m a shy girl who has no friends. also what will make people not talk to you.

I relate to your dilemma. Women today can be brutal. Many men are afraid to make the first contact. I am sure it works the other way too. Many men are very shallow and will “dis” you for a variety of reasons. The dating game is brutal. But no pain, no gain. If you dont play the game, you cant win.

Guys would you ever date a shy girl?

Im 16 and a male. Well theres this girl Sophie that i have take an interest in. Shes super insecure and shy which i think its adorable

Playing coy? Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer sat for a lengthy interview in Vogue in which she insists she’s just a shy girl who loves to work.

I hate to do it this way, but I guess the best way is by telling the truth. Most of the guys think they will get lucky with an outgoing girl. They think that shy girls are not going to let them get lucky. Sorry, but that’s the real truth. Remember that most high school boys only have ONE thing on their mind, and it’s not school or relationships. A shy girl represent emotional issues to a guy.

Love and Attraction : How to Talk to a Shy Girl Who Likes You

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