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Elizabeth Blair. The comedian Brian Regan, pictured here in his Netflix special Nunchucks and Flamethrowers , has earned a reputation as a comic’s comic. Entertainment Weekly once called Brian Regan “your favorite comedian’s favorite comedian. Regan has been “killing” on the road pretty much nonstop since the s. And he also keeps his act clean — free of profanity or explicit jokes. If he were a rock star, one of his hits might be called ” Dora The Explorer. It’s very important [to] have momentum and, you know, we have our uniforms on anyway. Might as well try. With an almost cartoonish, Chaplinesque flair, Regan puts his entire body into his act, furrowing his eyebrows when he’s confused, shuffling his feet when he feels dejected, awkwardly swiveling his hips to demonstrate how poorly he dances. Since Regan performs his silly, physical, observational humor free of curse words, families flock to his shows.

Comedian Brian Regan to bring laughs to Agua Caliente

Guy MacPherson: You are prompt! I appreciate that. Brian Regan: laughs I pride myself in that. GM: Sometimes I wait hours for comics to call.

Does anyone else on here love Brian Regan? Discover the magic of the Brian Regan: Pop Tarts If you need to zap-fry your Pop Tarts before · I Love To Laugh​Make Me Brian Regan Saskatoon Tattoos and Dating. Brian Regan stopped in​.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Fatherhood is one of the subjects this comedian can be quite serious about. But there are others. For instance, ask him about his career path and he’ll tell you about some not-so-funny failures.

Ask him what makes him laugh and he’ll reference scientific formulas and use really big words. Ask him about intellectual property in the Internet age and he’ll give you an intellectual answer. He talked about flopping at Rodney Dangerfield’s comedy club, his appeal to Utah audiences and why he doesn’t like to tell people he’s a comedian. Brian Regan: I don’t know. And I’m not trying to be flippant. It’s never been my goal to build a following. If that happens along the way, then certainly I’m thrilled about that.

Comedian Brian Regan Sees The Dinosaurs In Everyday Life

All the good comedians are liberal. For the best comedian of our time, in my humble opinion, is what I would call, not a liberal nor a conservative, but a traditionalist: Brian Regan. Regan was born in as one of eight children in a Catholic of course family. Stephen Colbert comes to mind, the last of eleven kids, about which he boasts constantly on his The Late Show.

The latest Tweets from Brian Regan (@BrianReganComic). You can either hang on to your tickets for the new show dates or you can contact the box office for.

My son Watson is a Brian Regan superfan. Because he’s 11, he doesn’t have that much experience with comedians. Most “work blue,” i. A comic since the ’90s, Regan has that goofball, silly-but-smart brand of stand-up that appeals to all age groups but especially to my son. His bits about being a dumb kid, flubbing spelling bees “because up until that day I was an idiot, but nobody knew it” , and growing up with seven brothers really resonate with him.

Last year, Watson spent months memorizing Regan’s routines and working on his own jokes. When I got the email with the opportunity for Watson to interview Regan, ahead of the comedian’s two performances at the Hippodrome this Friday and Saturday, I almost jumped out of my chair! Working for the City Paper has its perks. Athena Towery. BR: I wanted to continue doing the comic strip.

I tried to get it syndicated, which means put in newspapers throughout the country, and I sent some examples to a syndication company, and they sent me a rejection letter! I wasn’t smart enough at the time to realize you shouldn’t let rejection letters stop you. I thought that rejection letter meant I was not allowed to be a cartoonist in this world, so I put the rejection letter down and said, well, I’ll be a stand-up comedian. BR: I enjoyed it a lot.

A stand-up ovation: Brian Regan charms the PAC

Comedian Brian Regan recently turned 60, and he is happy about it. I had a pet dinosaur when I was a kid. What stands out in your mind when it comes to being here?

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The man that has been everywhere is coming to The Wiltern, this Saturday, May 3rd at pm. Two scant weeks after Regan’s Wiltern appearance, he’ll be taping another special for Comedy Central so what the LA audience will be experiencing is a dress rehearsal of the special’s material. Full audio of the interview with Brian Regan:. LAist: I remember seeing you several years ago on when you were host of “Short Attention Span Theater” on the cable channel that was the predecessor of Comedy Central but Where I’ve seen you most recently and repeatedly is on Letterman.

Brian Regan: I’m very happy to have been considered a regular on that show. I love his kind of comedy and that he and his show has embraced me, it’s a real feather in my cap. LAist: You have a style of humor that really works with his show and from what you do in your act, you don’t need to come up with a clean version of your act for broadcast. Your act has this broad appeal without engaging in the hardcore “blue” comedy that some comedians do out there.

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If you watch enough standup comedy, you start to notice seemingly original voices housed in comedic templates. More rare is the comedian without an obvious influence, the progenitor of an identifiable style and delivery. Brian Regan is one such comic. Joke thievery is an ongoing problem in comedy, but the cheek-achingly funny Regan has never been a victim of it, largely because his essence is greater than the sum of its parts. Maybe you need the whole thing. He is also clique-resistant.

Apr 7, – Standup comic Brian Regan is living proof that you can be “My manager and I were trying to brainstorm ways of seeing what we.

He says hello and the whole audience is in stitches. By the time he starts his act, the crowd is rolling around on the floor in tears. He shuffled onto the stage after opening comic Jackie Kashian had finished her relatively successful act and met his excited, warmed-up audience. He greeted us, told us we were nice people and launched right into a wealth of self-deprecating stand-up material. It kicked off a series of weight-gain-related jokes. He described the increasing degrees to which the waistband of his underwear flips down as his belly gets bigger, at which point I realized Regan was quite the physical comedian.

He used his body to illustrate every step of every comical anecdote and contorted his face and voice when acting as different characters.

For Brian Regan, it takes real smarts to play it dumb

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Fans of comedian Brian Regan were in for a surprise after tuning into the Peter the past, only to never have anyone follow through, Regan wasn’t sure if he’d “​What you do is you bring a new joke in and then one falls by the wayside That is why you are seeing a fee that is completely transparent, and.

Travelling or based outside United Kingdom? Video availability outside of United Kingdom varies. Sign in to see videos available to you. Close Menu. Stand-up comedian Brian Regan offers his unique take on the absurd aspects of everyday life in this hilarious Comedy Central concert. With offbeat originality, Regan riffs on flight delays, greeting cards, baby books and his 3-year-old daughter.

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Brian Regan

I want everybody. Regan, who is originally from Miami, performs at 8 p. Friday at Orlando’s Dr.

Brian Reagan is one of the few comedians who is truly funny. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t burst out laughing when they hear him!

Comedian Brian Regan says he enjoyed most of his Disney World visit with his two children last week. The comedian imagined grabbing the other father’s pocket contents and the mother’s purse, flinging the belongings and watching them land in a nearby flower bed. Regan said, in response to such anarchy, he had even prepared a speech.

Regan’s material comes from his everyday life experiences. His brilliance is conveying that with comical visuals of facial expressions and body language. In one bit, he wondered if there’s a checkout lane in America left where the cashier does not ask, “Do you have a rewards card?

Brian Regan interview: being funny more important than being ‘clean’

Even among the elite of stand-up comedians who consistently headline big auditoriums, Brian Regan stands out. I spoke with Regan by phone last week from his home in Las Vegas. There are plenty of off dates, and I get to enjoy my wife and kids like anybody else. I was born with material. I just popped out and started making jokes immediately. When I was in the maternity ward the other kids went from crying to howling with laughter.

It’s never fun for anybody. If you’re doing it in an atmosphere where a lot of people are seeing it or something like that, it’s even more difficult to.

But it was probably the first label he earned one night at a Fort Lauderdale comedy club that means the most: comedian. Just a comedian. It was a simple but important distinction for Regan, who, now 58, sipping coffee at his home in Las Vegas, only thought of himself as a busboy in the late 70s. He cooked burgers, he took reservations, and as the patrons were filing out the door he could sometimes steal five minutes on stage before hopping down to clean their tables.

I was no longer a busboy. I made it. It was pretty cool. We spent a morning chatting with Regan about how he got into the business, how he evolved during the sitcom salad days of the 90s, and why a dad’s laugh is the ultimate prize. How did you arrive at your brand of comedy? What did you try that failed miserably, and what worked?

Did you have a eureka moment?

Comedy In The 239: Brian Regan pokes fun at line cutters, rewards cards

Brian Regan is one of the most trustworthy comics performing today: he can be trusted to make practically anybody laugh, from children to the elderly. He has a rare talent for performing entirely clean material — a challenge for most comedians. Adding to his list of accomplishments, Brian Regan is about to be a part of Comedy Central history. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Regan about his upcoming special, how his goals and dreams changed through the 90s, and the virtues of living outside the comedy scene.

Was it you who proposed to Comedy Central that this be a live broadcast, or did they suggest it? I did.

Comedian Brian Regan recently turned 60, and he is happy about it. I feel like I’​m doing one of those dating apps, trying to impress a woman out there. You’re one of the few comics to appear twice on Jerry Seinfeld’s how hard it is to be in a normal social situation, listening to someone tell a story.

Comedian Brian Regan says Waukegan audiences will see fireworks, animals and acrobats — just kidding. And I go out and I try to make people laugh for an hour. The world of comedy for me is fascinating. Regan first came to the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan in He comes out onstage with a good idea of what he wants to talk about. That could be things in the news, things happening in sports, interesting or mundane things happening in his life.

Make fun of ourselves or joke about things in a way where we can all laugh at this together. Going along with that, Regan is known for being a clean comedian and not using profanity in his act. That was both a conscious decision and a bit of a coincidence, he said. It feels better to be percent something.

Some people think it was a moral decision on my part. It was more that I wanted to see how hard I could get people laughing without hitting certain buzz words or buzz topics. I enjoyed it as a challenge.

Brian Regan – dating advice

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